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The World Should See Her Face
©2010 Alma Mae Records

Eight songs written and recorded during Ashley's five months in Rwanda. Includes six new songs. Watch the video preview here.

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Track 1: Jemima [video]
Track 2: More Than War
Track 3: Peace Survives
Track 4: A Mother's Love
Track 5: God Is With Me
Track 6: Those Hills (Live on Radio Salus)
Track 7: There Is (feat. Hareb Choir)
Track 8: I Wanna Know U

Songs About Falling
©2009 Alma Mae Records

Ashley's second full-length album. Side A produced by Mike Beck at Secret Society Music. Side B recorded live in NYC.

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Track 1: It's Not Love
Track 2: New York Is Like A Boyfriend [video]
Track 3: Songs About Falling [lyric vid]
Track 4: Wish You Were
Track 5: On The Shore
Track 6: Daughter Of
Track 7: The Year I Spent With You (Live)
Track 8: Those Hills (Live)
Track 9: Underneath (Live)
Track 10: Part Of Me (Live)
Track 11: The Heart Is Stronger (Live)
Track 12: Looking For Love (Live)
Track 13: There Is (Live)
Track 14: Selling Out (Live)
Track 15: Lessons Learned (Live)

To Feel Alive Around Here
©2006 Alma Mae Records

Recorded in Florida, inspired by the year Ashley spent at home with her father during the last year of his life. On the 2008 Grammy ballot.

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Track 1: Sunshine State
Track 2: Everything Is Different
Track 3: Breathe Or Blink
Track 4: Courting The Town
Track 5: Naive
Track 6: This Song Is About You
Track 7: Two Stories High
Track 8: For Now [video]
Track 9: January
Track 10: What's Lost

To Hold You Over

Vocals & acoustic guitar on six tracks recorded in NYC with The Buddy Project.

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Track 1: Settle
Track 2: Taking Me Down
Track 3: So Far Gone
Track 4: Fairytale Finish
Track 5: Find Me
Track 6: Watch The Stars (Live)

Flowers On My Birthday

Ashley's first album, a seven-song EP recorded in Tallahassee, FL.

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Track 1: Better
Track 2: A Thousand Dollars
Track 3: Long Morning
Track 4: The Friendship Song
Track 5: Again
Track 6: More Than Exactly
Track 7: How

Photos by Joanna Williams Photography
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